For new players

Welcome to Morino-Party.
All of operators are glad that you visit the server!
You have to prepare to join in.

We are going to introduce you rules about this server, not to make troubles each other.

1.Protect your building

Protect your building as your owning

The operators will not recover building broken if you do not protect them 

However, you obey the manner and do not steal from others.The operators might punish at their discretion

2.No any cheat

Using any cheat (for example map-tools) is banned at the server.

3.Server constitutions

Every server has main world, nether, and the End, and you can explore.

 Main server

This server is for building and shopping.

The scope of your activities is limited and not designed for explore.

The difficulty level is set to easy. You will not lose your items if you die.

You can build as desire.

/server main

This command takes you to the Main world.

 Resource server

World size is not limited.

The difficulty level is set to hard. You may lost items when die.

/server res

This command takes you to the Resource server.